Privacy Policy


Users of this website should be aware that your privacy is taken seriously.  Personal information will not be shared to any third parties without your prior consent.  All information provided by you will be held in the strictest confidence.


No attempt will be made to contact you unless this is specifically requested by you via the contact form on the website, by email outside of this website, or by telephone.


GDPR Guidelines


Data is collected for the purposes of maintaining client contact and ongoing therapy.  In line with GDPR guidelines any email addresses, telephone numbers or other personal information will be stored only for clients who are entering into a Therapeutic Agreement, and for the period of the therapy.  On completion of therapy, any digital details stored will be deleted, however therapy notes must be stored for a period of 5 years which follows ethical guidelines and adheres to professional insurance requirements.  These notes are minimal and will be stored in a password protected digital document with a client ID number rather than your name, to maintain anonymity and confidentiality.  Hand-written notes will be stored in a locked cabinet.  At the end of the five-year period following therapy, all data will be deleted or destroyed.


In the event that you decide that your contact information should not be stored, this may impact your eligibility for counselling as contact information is a requirement of the therapeutic agreement and to arrange ongoing treatment.


Any concerns should be directed to



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Granting Cookie Permissions


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Third Party Cookies


This site, like most includes some third-party functionality from time to time, for example embedded videos and social media links. The implications of this for users of this website will vary, therefore users should check their privacy setting for individual third party networks, 


Turning Off Cookies


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Cookies can be tuned off by adjusting your browser settings or amended using the link on this website.